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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

  • What kind of entertainment do you suggest for a Wedding ceremony?

    There are several great choices for your ceremony. First of all, have the music playing 30 minutes prior to the Ceremony time listed on your invitations. This way, there is great music as your first guest arrives. Suggestions would be: Harp, Harp & Flute, Harp and Violin, Solo Violin to String trio or quartet,  a pianist (or on keyboard), Classical or Acoustic Guitar. Guitar can be combined with Flute, too!

  • I don't have any electricity by the location where my event is to be held.  What can I do?

    Two of my guitarists have self-powered amplifiers. Harpists don't require any electricity. Also, any combination of strings from a solo violinist to a quartet wouldn't require electricity, either.

  • What do I need to provide for my performers?
    My wedding is outdoors. Do they need cover?

    Yes, For several reasons. It's harmful to some instruments to be out in the sun, let alone uncomfortable for the players (especially in warm weather). Having had a guitarist outside once without cover, the rain started as the bride was coming down the aisle, and the music had to stop. We strongly stress cover. Some musicians will not perform without it.

  • I can't afford an expensive band for my wedding, but I really want live entertainment, and my favorite dance songs sounding like the original recordings. What can I do?

    One great solution is combining live entertainment with a DJ. One of my favorite scenarios is: Have a great classical musician or musicians for the ceremony, followed by a Jazz duo or trio for the cocktail hour. The DJ then leads off the reception with emceeing the introductions, first dance, toast and blessing. The Jazz trio plays a nice set for dinner, then the DJ takes over to 'take the party to the next level' upon completion of the entrée. All of this can still be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of a large band, and still deliver a first class event.

  • When should the music start for a surprise party?

    Rule number one in my book is:  "The party starts when the guests arrive". Have the guest of honor arrive at least 30 minutes after the guests arrive.  It's great to have music from the start, and not have a musician setting up once the guests are all in place. (plus - there's nothing like the guests singing "Happy Birthday" to music!)

  • What is a "Cabaret" Show?

    A Cabaret performance is usually an hour long musical performance. Shows offer quite a wide variety of musical styles, genres, and vary with each performer. An evening could include anything from Broadway, The Great American Songbook (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin), pop, blues, jazz, folk, musical comedy, to even opera or classical.


    To make it convenient for patrons, the restaurant offers food both prior to and after the show, similar to a "dinner theatre" or "supper club". Guests may also enjoy cocktails, coffee and desserts during the show.

  • What are Bob's Singer's Showcase nights?

    In December of 2003, at Odette's, Bob began "The Big Monday Showcase," an exciting evening that features seven to nine different performers each time, each performing two songs. Since then, Bob has adapted the format to fit various venues. Currently, Bob has done showcases at Tim McLoone's Supper Club on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ (for Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore) and at the famed ("There's a Small Hotel") Stockton Inn, Stockton NJ (for Eastern PA and Western New Jersey) and at the Rrazz Room in New Hope Pa. The shows allow for a wide range of music and musical styles. Occasionally, the show includes other types of performances including singer/songwriters on either guitar or piano or specialty acts. Some performers may be professionals, promoting their upcoming performances in the area or trying out new material, Other performers may be quite new to the Cabaret, appearing on that stage for the first time as they work their way up to their own solo show. Stay tuned for the next showcase.

  • How can I perform in an upcoming showcase?

    One of the best ways to secure a spot in an upcoming showcase (in either New Hope or Asbury Park) is to sing at one of Bob Egan's open mic nights (click here), or by sending a CD/DVD or web site demo.


    You also can also complete the form on our "I'm A Performer" page to request a spot in the show. Space is limited and with a switch to a once-a-month format, Bob may sometimes ask individual performers to prepare only one song in a given showcase. Due to the extreme popularity of some performers, some individuals may be asked to perform additional numbers. Bob reserves the right to use his discretion in programming each month at both venues.


    Bob is always happy to accompany you on the piano, but if you already have an accompanist, you are encouraged to bring him/her along. We also suggest that you attend a showcase first, to get the feel of the format. Bob also offers coaching sessions in his studio in New Hope.


    We're proud to offer these programs that give everyone – from the amateurs to professionals to everyone in between – a place to grow

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